Founded in 1896 as the recovery place for steam and other utensils is Doeschot spacious 120 years later become an international operating company with 35 employees.
Connected with cheese city Alkmaar as place of establishment, but products all over the world.

Specialization in cheese treatment lines, supplier of stand-alone cheese treatment machines, Fire fighting installations and core scanners. And regional a good company for maintenance and repair of your machinery.

Our mission:

Acquiring a leading position in a number of niche markets, knowledge of both technique and technology must justify this position. The niche markets are cheese treatment, fire extinguishing systems for road tunnels and XRF core scanning.

How we do it:
– ISO 9001 working methods
– CO2 Footprint
– NEN-ISO 26000:2010 – Social responsibility of the Organization
– BIBOB Law promoting integrity reviews
– SEDEX membership: Ethically responsible supply chain management
– Food safety is for Doeschot an important part of the business. For the prevention of hazards in the food chain, is become a core quality control and traceability in the production of our cheese treatment lines. Doeschot has its complete cheese treatment lines equipped with EC 1935/2004 food suitable materials. In addition, the production process of the cheese treatment lines furnished according to the EC 2023/2006 on good manufacturing method.

Social Return Doeschot BV

– guidelines TNO 2012, city of Utrecht, city of Amsterdam
– 5% social return
– 3FTE (BBL learn/work projects, employing people with a distance to the labour market)
– WNK subcontracting companies
– Preferred that collaborating companies also apply 5% social return

Delivery terms:
Download here the Orgalime delivery terms

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