Cheese treatment machines

We are specialist in the field of the natural ripening of cheese, partly due to our knowledge of mechanical engineering and automation. Because of this we have a package to machines for kaasbehandeling, which meet the current requirements.

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Specialty machines

From its specialism as a machine builder of steel and in particular stainless steel machines has DOESCHOT many projects. Over the years these projects for a wide variety of companies, both in the food industry, and beyond.

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Tunnel firefighting systems

The aid station, also called fire post, is designed to help in case of accident or fire the tools, such as extinguishing media, in a manner understandable to the public. The user-friendliness is demonstrated, for example, the fact that the resources are visible from the outside and so invite to use.

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Repair and maintenance

At Doeschot we do everything to prepare your repair as soon as possible, so that your production has no additional delay. Normally this can be settled within a day, if we have the materials in house.

For maintenance on your machine park you can always contact us.

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