Our  know how has built up from experience of the machinery and practical experience with coating of cheese. Herewith in the former years we have developed a concept to cover the cheese with coat for 98%. That is a large saving for you.
Our sales department can give you the most updated information according to your number and sizes of cheeses to treat.



The PLASTIMA 661 cheese coating machine can be used as a stand-alone machine, but is also suitable for integration into an automated production line. The PLASTIMA 661, and our other plastic coating and smearing machines, are based upon the distribution of coating (or smearing agent) by means of felt flaps.

Inside the machine the felt is mounted upon four felt axles. The felt distributes the coating powerfully and uniformly upon the cheese. The top and around 70 % of the height of the cheese is plastic coated so that the cheese can be replaced upon the shelf on its dry underside.

The cab and substructure have a NON-STICK coating as standard. The application of this NON-STICK coating makes cleaning much easier since cheese plastic sticks to it much less.

Almost all types of cheese, up to a diameter of 480 mm and from a weight of 2 kg, can be processed using the PLASTIMA 661. The machine’s conveyor belt is continuously rinsed with water and scraped dry during operation. An automatic CIP cleaning system can be used to clean the machine at the end of the day’s production.



The PLASTIMA 760, too, applies a plastic coating to cheeses by distributing the coating using felt flaps. The cheeses lie upon dishes having been placed there manually by the operator, who also removes them. The dosing of cheese plastic and its distribution by means of felt flaps occur in the same manner as in the PLASTIMA 661. Distribution over the cheese is optimal due to the fact that the dishes turn at the moment that the cheeses pass under the felt axles. As a result, one felt axle is sufficient for an optimal result in the PLASTIMA 760.

Instead of the conveyor belt of the PLASTIMA 661being continuously cleaned, the dirt in the PLASTIMA 760 is caught in the water container. This machine, too, can furthermore be provided with a NON-STICK coating.

Both cylindrical and spherical cheeses can be coated using this machine.


761bewerkt300The PLASTIMA 761 is extremely suitable for the coating of many sizes at a small quantity of cheese. By 2 felt axes the coating is brought up to the felt.

This Plastima is used for the smaller cheeses. The cheese will be layed up manually.


Our new Plastima 668 passed the first test very well as was expected.

The existing model has been adapted to the practical experiences and the need to process cheeses up to 30 kg.

The coating effect has been improved by a different arrangement of the rotors.

The cabin is adapted for easier cleaning.

The machine IS suitable for the use of multiple colors of coating.

Rotors are easy to remove after cleaning.

Suction of the water vapor.

Of course, all parts can be removed without using any tools.

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