We can call ourselves specialists in the natural ripening of cheese. Naturally, our knowledge of engineering and automation forms an important basis for this. We expand upon this by investing in knowledge of the technology and its application.
Doeschot builds and designs various cheese processing systems. The essence of these systems is that the cheese undergoes the specific process, but that furthermore the processing of the cheese, shelf or carrier, box, etc. is performed fully automatically.
Our systems are characterized by being very compact and easy to clean. Furthermore, the price/performance ratio compares favourably with that of traditional systems.

Parama 676


The PARAMA 676 cheese waxing machine is a stand-alone machine and is characterized by the application of a 100% closed layer of cheese wax. The machine consists of a pre-melting container containing liquid cheese wax, a carousel with suction head arms and air circulation. Water cooling is available as an option. The pre-melting container and the suction heads are easy to change. This means that it is possible to use the same machine for waxing various types of cheese in a range of colors. The cheese is suspended from the suction heads by hand and dipped into the molten cheese wax up to 70 % of its height. Then the underside of the cheese drips off onto a heated drip-off plate and the underside of the cheese is completely closed. The cheese is cooled and blown off. Then the cheese is turned over and suspended from the suction head for a second time. After two rounds the cheese has a 100 % closed coating of wax.

  • Suitable for almost all types of cheese with a maximum diagonal or diameter of 250 mm.
  • Both synthetic cheese wax and cheese wax made of natural ingredients can be used. Input and output can be automated.

Parama 674


The PARAMA 674 cheese waxing machine consists of a machine wax container containing liquid wax and a carousel with suction heads. After the cheese has been fed into the machine wax container on the transport chain the cheese runs through a wax shower or is dipped in wax. The wax on the upper side of the cheese coagulates so that the cheese can be picked up by vacuum suction heads. In the carousel, the last drops of wax fall upon a heated plate and the molten cheese wax runs back into the machine wax container. Then the cheeses are put onto a cooling belt where the underside is further solidified by means of cooling water.

  • Suitable for almost all types of cheese with a minimum diagonal or diameter of 100 mm to maximum 450 mm. Rectangular cheeses with a length of up to 550 mm.
  • Both synthetic cheese wax and cheese wax made of natural ingredients can be used.
  • Comes with fully sealed suction head.
  • Stand-alone or as part of an automatic processing line.

Parama 750

parama750Manual machine, for almost all  kind of cheese, up to 12 kg.

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