For the labelling of your cheese we developed a nice machine. This one is also to combine with banderolling, with a separate machine, which puts a band on the small siee of your cheese….



With the ETIMA 722 labelling machine, tissue paper labels can be applied to almost all cheese types with a high degree of accuracy. The machine consists of a frame that is simple to place upon a carrier or conveyor belt. In the frame there is an input belt and a label press roll. As soon as a cheese is detected the label is first positioned and then pressed on by a rubber roll. Centre rolls ensure that the cheese passes through the centre of the machine. The cheese should have been coated or pre-glued immediately before passing through the machine. DOESCHOT has various types of cheese coating machines in its product range that perform this function.

    • Optional NON-STICK coating, which makes cleaning easier.
    • Label dimensions
      Standard model: min. 100 to max. 350 mm
      Extra wide model: min. 200 to max. 500 mm.
    • The machine can be adapted for different label dimensions upon request.
    • Materials: tissue paper of between 14 and 21 g/m2, tea bag paper, lacquered on at least one side.

    Other materials after suitability has been proven.


The BANDÉMA 731 banding machine is suitable for the application of a decorative band onto properly coated round cheeses. The cheeses pass from the plastic coating machine to one of the machine’s two heads. Due to the fact that the machine has two heads, a flow of 1200 cheeses per hour can go in and out continuously. The BANDÉMA 731, together with the ETIMA 722, can be built up as one machine with central control and operation.


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