Handling and compact lines
Doeschot makes since 1996 installations for automated treatment of cheeses. Pioneers in the world of cheese!.
In 2004 the engineering of the Compact Lines started and is patented in 2007 with number  1029685.
With a robotic line of Doeschot you can be assured of a lot practical experience over the years. Doeschot treatment machinery are integrated in installations in which the handling of the shelf and the cheese will be done by one or more robots.
Our systems marks themselves by the simple and compact way of construction. By this less room will be needed, maintenance will be decreased and simple, and the price- quality rate is very auspicious according to the traditional systems.
Besides a lot of attention is done to the cleanability. In short time all the equipment can be cleaned effective mostly automated.

Compactline 700

We are proud to present our latest development in cheese treatment lines. The idea was born in 2014 and it took us about a year to develop, build and test it. Meantime the very first line was sold to a cheese producing company Remijn (Kerkdriel, NL).

The basis of the concept is the Skid frame under the complete line.
Thus it provides a number of advantages.
Everything is tuned so well together, thus the whole Skid Compact Line takes only about 45 square meters of the floor.
Perhaps the most important advantage is the reliability of the line.
When the whole line was assembled for a test drive at Doeschot factory, it was able to achieve the maximum capacity of 600 shelves per hour.
Such a result guarantees a quick start of production at the customer location.

The Doeschot Compact line is constructed in such a way that it easily fits in a shipping container which makes it very easy to transport to any place of the world.
The box can be supplied upon request.

The Compact line consists of several machines. The central pieces are the famous Doeschot machines. Thus the improved Doeschot PLASTIMA 661 is a star of the line. It has a hygienic design, provides less pollution and is equipped with improved CIP. The Doeschot machine Scrubber 654, installation of which continues to be innovative, cleans and dries the shelves, contributing to an optimal ripening process.

The robots are painted in a striking apple green color to emphasize the sustainable nature of the concept. Frequency converters are installed for low and efficient power consumption. We have also decreased the noise level. It involves among others a silent and efficient technique for unloading the cheese from the shelves. Further measures have been taken to produce as little noise as possible. One of the many sustainable elements of the installation.

Are you interested in a Skid Compact Line? Please contact Doeschot BV to learn more about it. Our telephone number is +31 72 54 11 555.

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