Cheese treatment machines

We are specialist in the area of the natural maturation of cheese, partly because of our knowledge of machine construction and automation. We have a range of machines for cheese treatment, which meet the current requirements. The complete treatment for cheese, Board and box takes place fully automatically via a skid mounted cure line. For this purpose, we work closely with Rolan Robotics and The Linge control technology, specialized companies with many years of experience. Also a wide range of stand alone cheese treatment machines we can offer you. Adapted to your need and cheese. Food safety is an important part of the business for Doeschot. For the prevention of hazards in the food chain, this became a core quality control and traceability in the production of our cheese treatment lines. Doeschot has its complete cheese treatment lines equipped with EC 1935 / 2004 food suitable materials. In addition, the production process of the cheese treatment lines furnished according to the EC 2023 / 2006 on good manufacturing method.

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